Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see photos & videos from Kids Car Hire's Past Events?

Click here (Click on photos and then albums)


What type of events do we hire our vehicles for?

Weddings, Birthdays, Baptisms, Cultural Ceremonies, Corporate Events and Photo Shoots.


How are our vehicles used at these events?

Our vehicles are used only at the entrance of an event to give the kids a VIP entry. Our vehicles are kept in pristine condition due to them not being used as amusement rides. 


Who picks up and drops off the vehicle?

A member from Kids Car Hire will attend your event and be alongside the kids during the big entry.


Can I pick up the car and drop it off at the Kids Car Hire depot?

Not at this stage.  All of our cars are our babies, where they go, we go!


Where is Kids Car Hire based?

We are based in Sydney and happy to attend any event within the Sydney region.  Additional fees apply for events in the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Wollongong, Central Coast and Southern Highlands areas.


Do Kids Car Hire operate interstate?

Not at this stage.  We are solely in NSW at the moment.


How do we know how old the driver should be for each car?

This can be found on the pricing table on the hiring rates page. We have specified the recommended ages and weight for each of our vehicles to give the best experience for you, the kids and your guests.


What if the kids are not old enough to drive?

Many of our cars are remote controllable and a team member can remotely drive the kids in for you.


Do Kids Car Hire provide helmets with any of their vehicles?

Kids Car Hire do not supply helmets for drivers & passengers with any of their vehicles and bikes. Main reason for this is hygiene and to prevent the spread of any hair lice.


How do Kids react when they enter a huge event in one of your vehicles?

Up until now we have never seen an unhappy child enter an event in one of our cars. Before the BIG doors open we ensure the kids are happy and smiling. Once the doors open they become stunned with all guests, flashing cameras and are overwhelmed by the attention. Even the kids who parents think won’t sit still are surprised.


What happens if the kids crash and damage the vehicles?

Kids are kids, it’s no big deal. A Kids Car Hire member will be on-site to ensure these incidents are minimised.


How is the pricing calculated for each vehicle?

The pricing will vary depending on the vehicles size, age, weight and capabilities. The price includes a team member attending the event 15 minutes prior to entry, guiding the kids safely into the event and then departing the venue.


How is pricing calculated for Photo-Shoots?

This is best discussed by contacting Kids Car Hire.


Does Kids Car Hire also sell kids ride on cars?

Yes!  We can help source kids cars for you.  Send us an email at: and we will do our best to find what you're looking for!


Want to talk to a Kids Car Hire staff member?

We are more than happy to discuss any of your needs and concerns. Drop us an email with a preferred contact time and contact number and we will do our best accommodate your requests.


If you have a question which we have not answered, please contact us