Our Services - What We Do!

Kids Car Hire supply cars and bikes for children to use only for the entry at a special event. 


Kids Car Hire provide a stress-free service - you tell us when and where and we will be there. A Kids Car Hire team member will stay on site for the duration of the kids entry to your special event.


We have many vehicles to suit your event and the age of the driver and passenger. Once the appropriate vehicle is selected a hiring invoice will be emailed to you with all the details for the event.

On the day or night of the event, a Kids Car Hire team member will arrive at your location 15 minutes prior to the entry. The kids will be instructed on what to do when they're inside the vehicle and how to drive if required. Some of our vehicles are remote controllable, this allows us to drive in the young ones if they are unable to reach the pedals.


Kids Car Hire is also able to provide custom number plates for the kids cars and bikes to make your special occasion even more enjoyable and memorable for the kids. Please refer below for the details of our current number plate selection.


Our service allows the organisers of the event to entertain their guests and not have to worry about picking up and dropping off the cars or bikes to the event.


If you have any special requests for the kids or the entry, please contact us prior to the event.


Click here to download a .PDF of our Number Plates